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Your reliable partners in the production of high-quality furniture.

Drinjača is a leading company in the field of massive furniture production. We make furniture according to the designs and requirements of our clients.

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Production program

In our offer, you can find different types of tables, beds and benches made of the most delicate types of wood, such as beech, oak, pine (pine and spruce). In addition to making solid furniture in our range, you will also come across briquettes and semi-finished products – massive laminated boards and sawn timber.



In our diverse range of furniture, you can find different types of tables, benches, beds and nightstands that we make according to your needs and desires.


Massive laminated boards

Solid laminated boards are single-layer boards made of the highest quality natural wood. They are characterized by their strength and durability, as well as the fact that over time they do not change their shape or wood defects appear.



We produce high-quality briquettes from pure dry sawdust with humidity up to 8% without any additives.


Sawn timber

We offer the possibility of making and cutting materials of different types of wood according to your requirements and specifications.



Solid wood furniture of high quality, strength and great durability designed and made with love and care to preserve the trust for many generations.

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Modernized and automated production, high technology, top quality materials have helped Drinjača to take the place of an industry leader.

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Raw materials

We use only natural materials – perfectly processed solid beech, oak, pine (pine and spruce).


About us

From a small craft shop to an industry leader in the production of solid wood furniture.

Back in 1986, we decided to start our story in the production of solid wood furniture. Devoted work and dedication have helped us to make Drinjača’s furniture one of the most well-organized furniture manufacturers in the region and beyond, and as a reward, we have many satisfied customers!


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