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Drinjača as a leader in the region, it pushes borders, introduces new technologies and is a great example of real business.

The global trend is moving in the direction of abandoning fossil fuels and switching to renewable energy sources. The development of technology has enabled the production of cheap heating material from cellulose waste by mechanical means, without the use of binders.


Given that we are constantly making efforts to keep up with the world and to always have the most modern equipment, we decided to produce briquettes, which is one of the most practical and efficient heating materials.


Briquette is a solid energy source of plant origin, it can be made from various plant residues and waste of plant origin, in our case we make briquettes from dry sawdust.

The production process consists of shredding the raw material and then compressing it under high pressure to obtain a compact briquette that looks like firewood.


In Drinjača we produce briquettes that contain only 8% moisture and give our customers the opportunity to choose the packaging of briquettes that will suit them best and allow them to easily handle this heating material.

When it comes to the usefulness of briquettes, the fact confirms that one m³ of briquettes replaces 3-4 m³ of firewood.

The advantages of briquettes are huge, starting from the fact that it gives more heat than coal in terms of its energy value, that it does not pollute the environment compared to other solid fuels, precisely because of its low sulfur content, even 100 times less than coal.

The briquette does not require a lot of storage space, nor preparation for use. What characterizes this type of heating material is that the briquette is hard as wood, and after burning, a small amount of ash remains, which makes it very easy to use and maintain.

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